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Early on, I thought this was the best knife for home cooks, but I think H&B has one-upped them. But, I also hate myself for saying that every time I see one of Misen's godawful ads that make the dumbest, most useless claims about what they can do. It's a good knife. It's a good price. It's not special in any way.
This is a good knife, but it looks like Misen might be shutting down soon. If you see this review before they're gone, try to snag a knife.
This was my first 8'' knife purchase. It was on sale for around $80, which is a good deal for a chef's knife. I love the design, it's a very simple aesthetic. I use it frequently. I dislike the hard ass handle which makes my hand cramp up much faster than my knives with the softer rubber/plastic or wood handles that contour to my hand. However, I would purchase another Misen knife.