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Thai Red Curry Paste

Red curry is probably the most approachable of the Thai curry family. It's made with dried chilis which is great because they're widely available both online and off, they're easier to prep, and the variety available allows for easy customization. This is the curry paste we keep on hand for when friends visit so this recipe calls for a milder spice level.





About 15 total (10 active)


80ggarlic80gshallot40ggalangal15gdried California chili8gcoriander seed5gdried Thai chili5gshrimp paste4gwhite pepper4gsalt2gcumin1lemongrass



Slice galangal across the grain very finely.

Trim back tough outer layers of lemongrass and cut off the hard base of the stalk. Cut into very thin slices until the lemongrass gets tough (about the same time the purple ring inside disappears).

Thinly slice shallot and garlic

After grinding, let the powder settle for a few minutes before opening so you don't inhale a bunch of dried chili.
15gdried California chili8gcoriander seed5gdried Thai chili4gwhite pepper2gcumin

Seed and stem the dried chilis.

Add everything to a spice grinder and reduce to a fine powder.

5gshrimp paste4gsalt

Add spice mixture, prepped ingredients, and salt to a large mortar and pestle and pound until your paste is smooth and you can't recognize any of the individual ingredients.

Add in shrimp paste and pound to combine.


This recipe makes enough for about 10 individual servings of curry. I use about 50g per can of coconut milk as a general rule.

You can use it immediately or store it. It'll last about a week in the fridge or indefinitely in the freezer. If freezing, spread it out thinly in a freezer bag so you can easily thaw it or break off pieces.