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This cutting board has ruined other cutting boards for me. It's super gentle on knives, it doesn't slip around on your counter, it's relatively light, and it's easy to resurface with a little sandpaper if it gets too marked up or stained. The only gripes I have are that it's an ugly color that stains easily and that handle cutout is pretty useless. It's worth noting that there are a couple other LDPE (note: Yoshihiro claims it's made of "Soft PVA", but their manufacturer states that it's actually LDPE) models on the market, but as of writing they're significantly more expensive.
Though on the expensive end of cutting boards, I absolutely love this thing. It is a super nice texture that doesn't slide around. It does stain and the handle is way to small for my hands, but I use this everyday and don't like using any other cutting board now.
Truly a joy to use. It's not cheap but so much better than any and all synthetic cutting boards I've ever used. A side note for those living outside the US where this might be hard to source, these boards seem to be sourced from Japan and they might be easier to order from there through the usual online retailers ("high soft" is the term that worked for me).