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It's got this rigid, upright body that feels so self-important, and yet it's kinda adorable? I think this is what happens when Made In moves a little further from the established path and it's definitely an improvement. Great handle. Lovely forms. I do wish they'd simplify slightly and go with tri-ply over 5-ply and a little more refinement in the lids would be great too. A vacuum sealed model would be a huge step up, but an offset handle would be downright incredible.
Great little saucepan! Lightweight, yet the 5-ply construction means it’s heavy enough to be quiet on my induction range (lighter the pan, louder the buzzing/humming sound when cooking on induction). Great for small batches of rice, heating up leftovers, boiling a few eggs, can of beans, caramel sauce, etc., etc. The pouring lip is great and handle not too shabby. If you happen upon a Made In sale, I definitely recommend.