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This is the little sauce pan that could, and hasn't let us down in nearly a decade. In fact, we we liked it so much, we went out and bought all of the stock the store had left (which was unfortunately, only 2). This is the go-to pan we reach for 90% of the time. It's big enough to be practical, but small enough to be convenient. It was too good for this world, so now Calphalon is discontinuing it in favor of its cheaper, nonstick brethren.
We got this pan around 2015 and loved it so much we bought two more just like it. They stack securely, the lids don't slip, and they hold up great over time - the only wear I've seen since purchase is some microscopic erosion in the aluminum core. I just wish Calphalon would bring these back as a single purchase instead of trying to sell it as a part of a set.