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Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock

If you're looking for a chicken stock that's no fuss, tastes great and takes very little time, give this a go. This pressure cooker stock is our go-to for quick stock that we need day of. This has a soft chicken flavor, without losing that fatty mouth feel.





About 1.5 hours total (30 minutes active)


600gwhole chicken wings300gwhole chicken legs10gneutral oil4Lcold water1carrot1onion0.5celery stalk


1Prep chicken
600gwhole chicken wings300gwhole chicken legs

Separate the chicken wings and legs at each joint. Lacerate the meat in the middle of each bone and break the bone with the back of your knife.

2Prep veg

Peel the onion and split it in half. Remove the roots.

Halve the carrot lengthwise.

600gprepped chicken wings 300gprepped chicken legs10gneutral oil1prepped onion1prepped carrot0.5celery

Preheat the pressure cooker over medium heat and add neutral oil when it's warm.

When the oil is shimmering, add vegetables and brown all over.

Remove vegetables and repeat with chicken, working a few pieces at a time so you don't crowd the pan.

4Lcold water

Once everything is browned, add all the ingredients back into the pot and cover with cold water. Lock the lid and set to high pressure.

Heat pan on high until pressurized, then lower temperature to the lowest temperature that will maintain pressure.

After 1 hour, turn off heat and allow pressure cooker to depressurize naturally.

Taste the stock and if it's not chicken-y enough, re-pressurize and cook for another half hour.


When it passes a taste test, strain through a colander lined with cheesecloth into a heat-resistant container and refrigerate until cool.


Use immediately, refrigerate for 3-4 days, or freeze indefinitely.