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Nice Buns

These buns are nice because they weigh out to 69 grams each (nice) and we're children. Anyway, these are perfect for burgers, shredded pork, or just throw some butter on them and eat with some cold cuts. They're light, pillowy, and they pull apart in a "now, that's the stuff" kind of way.



24 buns


About 3 hours total (1 hour active)


1000gAP flour510gwater100gneutral oil70gsugar30gsalt24gactive dry yeast1eggsesame seeds (for topping)



Preheat oven to 375°F/190°C.

500gAP flour500gwater25gyeast

In the work bowl of a mixer, combine 500g of your flour, 500g of your water, and yeast thoroughly. Cover and set aside until very bubbly and at least double in volume (usually about 45 minutes).

500gAP flour100gneutral oil70gsugar30gsalt

Add the rest of your flour along with the oil, sugar, and salt. Turn mixer up to medium-low speed until the dough comes together into a soft, homogenous mass.


Dump mixer bowl onto a counter and divide into 24 evenly-sized balls (~70g each) and place on oiled parchment paper or oiled silicone baking mat. Be sure to spread rolls out equally as this will determine the final shape and size of the rolls.


Cover with plastic wrap and set aside for 45 minutes to proof. Test proofing by pressing a finger gently into a bun. If the impression springs back quickly, let it proof another 5 minutes. Repeat until impression only slightly bounces back.

10gwater1eggsesame seeds

In a small bowl, make an egg wash by whisking egg and remaining water together until smooth and runny. Gently brush egg wash onto buns. Liberally sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Place baking sheet on middle rack of oven. Bake 15-20 minutes or until golden brown on top.


Move buns to cooling rack until cool enough to handle.

These buns will store in a ziplock bag or container for up to 48 hours before beginning to stale.