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We've been through ups and downs and breads and stocks and soups and timpanos and just about everything you can make in a dutch oven with this ol' pot. But, just because it's gone through a lot, doesn't mean it's invincible and now it's time to retire her from day-to-day use. Le Creuset rightly has a reputation for great manufacturing — especially of enameled cast iron — but if I'd been doing the same thing for a century, I'd expect to be fucking good by now too. That's made a little more disappointing by the fact that Staub, with only half of LC's tenure as the big dog in enamel, is now consistently producing higher quality enamel within the same price bands. It's a pretty good pan, but I really wish Le Creuset would give this line a facelift.
LC is definitely kitchen jewelry, but I personally still appreciate the classic look. There’s something about knowing I’m using the same style pot Julia Child did that I love. And, I enjoy all the pretty colors too. This size is a little smaller than my go to 5.5qt, but it’s fine for smaller roasts, beans, soups, and rice. I do usually recommend to buy the larger size since you can cook less in a large pot, but not more in a small pot. I like enameled cast iron for its non reactive properties, works great on my induction range, and, some Scrub Daddy Power Paste keeps my pots clean without TOO much elbow grease.