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Made In
Made In

Nonstick Frying Pan (10")

Best branding glow-up of 2020 and goddamn, I kinda dig that blue finish.

I have a lot of feelings about Made In.

I think they have a bunch of celebrity chefs as investors and they use them in marketing to make their products seem better than they are.

I think they charge way too much money for most of their products.

I think a lot of their products are designed to be unique, rather than good.

None of these apply to this pan, and I find that to be a great relief. This pan is nicely designed, it feels purposeful and utilitarian in the right ways, but it also has a unique, blue PTFE coating that feels unique in a cool, understated way.

I really think this is a neat design with all the basics in place — and while it's a little "Master Chef"-y, their new branding is great compared to that old garbage.

Good work, Made In.

  • Nice, textured PTFE finish for browning.
  • 5-ply is great for even heating.
  • Awkward handle.