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Le Creuset

Toughened Nonstick PRO Fry Pan (11")

The marketing for this pan makes SOME CLAIMS. So far, it does seem to be compatible with metal utensils, as claimed.

I have a tumultuous relationship with Le Creuset. On the one hand, it's one of those legacy brands that mostly trades on a name rather than quality these days. On the other hand, I sure do like their dutch ovens.

This pan follows the Le Creuset pattern: way more expensive than the materials are worth, but... is the pan better IRL than on paper?

Actually, yes. I was pretty stunned by its performance. After a few weeks with it, it seems to be as durable as its marketing says and I love the heft of it.

  • Nice, textured PTFE coating for browning.
  • Metal utensil-resistant.
  • Way too expensive for PTFE on aluminum.