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Hybrid Nonstick Frying Pan (10")

Big infomercial energy and SUPER expensive for a PTFE pan of any kind.

Every time I see Gordon Ramsay shilling one of these, I like to imagine the dump truck of money they had to pay him to get him to say that. This is the dumbest pan design I've ever seen.

Where does PTFE wear the fastest? At the edges.

What did they do to "protect" the PTFE? Make everything an edge.

It's like those brownie pans where every piece is a corner piece, except if the crispy bits were chemicals wearing off in your food.

And they charge over $100 for it. Because you can use metal utensils? Who is dying to use metal utensils so badly? I don't get it.

  • Steel inlays do a good job of protecting the PTFE coating from scratches.
  • Feels more solid than the Black Cube.
  • 3-ply is great for even heating.
  • EXPENSIVE — especially for nonstick.
  • Marketing is super cringe (and definitely stretching the truth).
  • PTFE is not the most durable at its edges and this PTFE has a LOT of edges.