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Field Co.
Field Co.

#8 Cast Iron Skillet

Absolute unit. LOVE the fine-milled finish. This is my grilling skillet and it gets a ton of use and abuse.

The first time I felt this skillet I thought of the cast iron my grandma bequeathed on a much younger Bryn. It was kinda gross — coated in decades upon decades of use — but it meant a lot to me, because I knew how much it meant to her. She had made hundreds of meals in it.

When I pulled out this skillet for the first time, I knew that this would be my version of the same thing. I've already made dozens of meals in it and I know that there are many hundreds yet to come. Someday I'll give it to someone I like to cook for and hopefully they'll appreciate it as much as I did when my grandma did the same to me. Because they'll know how well-used and loved it was. That's what this skillet is for.

Most cast iron nowadays isn't tumbled as long as the old school kind was. The Lodge garbage you can buy in any cookware store is rough because it's cheaper to manufacture that way. But this Field pan has a super smooth satin-y finish just like my grandma's old pan had.

  • Finely-milled surface is just a joy to use.
  • Love the straight, high walls.
  • Cast iron is great at heating evenly.
  • Expensive.
  • Cast iron is really heavy.
  • Cast iron requires seasoning.