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Aesthetically pleasing despite some confusing design decisions.

Zwilling's not my favorite for a number of reasons, but this Enfinigy (ugh) line is at least interesting in principle, if not practice.

First off, I love that this scale is USB rechargeable. That kind of leap ahead of its competitors feels extremely out-of-character for Zwilling which had me excited.

In use, there are bits of fit and finish that feel pretty nice. I love the aesthetic of the seamless scale and display (although it can be hard to read the display when it's inside the platform).

I haven't torn it apart yet, but it also feels like Zwilling cheaped out on the internals (the stress gauges have a weird "bounce" to them).

This is super close to being best in class, but there are a few issues to work out. Maybe they can firmware update over that USB too?

  • Pretty
  • Simple (only 1 button)
  • Expensive
  • Switching units is inconvenient
  • Tare function tends to be off by +/-2g