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Commercial Quik Stik

I've got a huge commercial blender from Waring for producing big batches of condiments that I love. It's an absolute beast that quickly works through anything I put in front of it. This is its polar opposite. Basically useless.

I saw this blender on the BA Test Kitchen (Brad uses it in one of the Making Perfect Thanksgiving videos from 2019) and thought, "Oh cool, a Waring I could justify using at home!".

When it arrived, I learned the wand doesn't come off. On top of that the dome prevents you from cleaning with the classic "blend some soapy water" method. Which leaves you with cleaning by hand and potentially getting water INTO THE MOTOR.

Waring, what were you thinking?

  • Only two speeds!
  • Heavy duty construction
  • YOU CAN'T REMOVE THE BIT. This is a dealbreaker.
  • 100w is not enough power.
  • Way overpriced.