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Mueller Austria


I'd seen this blender around TikTok, so I was excited to give it a shot but immediately on picking it up I knew that it would be disappointing. It's that feeling of when a tool is *too* lightweight — which makes sense for a blender made of super thin aluminum and plastic. But those are notoriously soft materials that I wouldn't expect to survive long in frequent use.

Sometimes in life, you realize you made a bad purchasing decision as soon as you touch the item.

Opening this blender was one of those times. Attaching the wand to the motor was another. Setting the speed was another. Pulling the trigger was another.

It's cheap, but it's too poorly-built for the price.

  • Cheap!
  • Bit doesn't lock onto the handle in any noticeable way which feels very disconcerting in use.
  • Dome design struggles to pull in ingredients.
  • 9 (unstepped) speeds, plus a "Turbo" button? Just give it high and low, nerds.
  • Materials feel cheaper than others at same price point.