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Cordless Hand Blender

A great blender for the price, but there's one thing that keeps me on the fence: the charger design.

So, about that charger.

It's a classic DC adapter that you plug into the bottom of the handle. A dock would be much more convenient, but KitchenAid chose this so they can share a charger across multiple gadgets. This blender really loses its oomph quickly when it's not fully charged, so you kinda just need to have a blender handle laying around on your counter plugged in all the time? Not ideal.

I think that's my only real complaint though. This thing won't win any awards, but it's pretty good for it's price and a cordless hand blender is a lot nicer to use than a corded one.

  • Cordless hand blenders are just so much more convenient.
  • Variable triggers are great because you really only ever need the fastest speed anyway.
  • Thin, lightweight body is great for small hands.
  • Cheap for a cordless.
  • Loses blending power quickly as its battery drains.
  • Bit design is really shoddy. Comes with a plastic scratch guard which is just lazy.
  • Inconvenient charger format.