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Cordless Hand Blender

In a category full of ugly tools, this one is probably the sleekest.

All-Clad's extremely expensive hand blender has a rather striking silhouette when sitting in its charging base that has earned it the nickname "cyber dildo" in our house.

That dick, er... dock is the key to its success though: it's just lovely to have a dock-able, cordless version of a tool we use so frequently.

Well, it *was* nice, until it pooped out after only 4 months of ownership.

  • As always, cordless is a massively better experience than corded.
  • Dock is super convenient to keep handle charged but within easy reach.
  • Enough power to make short work of tough jobs and easily self-clean.
  • Suffers from the classic "All-Clad tax" making it way overpriced.
  • Charging light always stays on while in the dock which can be quite annoying.
  • Update: Our charging dock stopped working after only a couple months and is apparently not replaceable.