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8” Brad Leone Signature Series Chinese Santoku Cleaver

Gimmicky? Absolutely. But it's a pretty damn good gimmick (if you have long enough fingers).


Easy peasy. The blade is so wide and flat with a handle that gets completely out of the way. The beautiful walnut handle is well worth the effort of oiling it every 2 months as the manufacturer recommends.

Sharpening is actually dead simple too, because the blade's height keeps the handle out of the way of your whetstone.


Ergonomics isn't really this knife's strong point — especially if you don't have long fingers. But the design is still a high point for this knife in terms of usefulness and it's minimalist, traditional design.


I reach for this knife far more than I expected because it just feels so approachable — even though it's big. The only thing that's not fun is that weird, sheet metal-y ring of stamped steel which kinda throws me off.


Definitely the low point of this knife. I think it's helpful to think of it as essentially the West Elm of knives. Kinda pretty in a midcentury modern way, but with a little cheaper materials than you'd hope for.


I do think it's just slightly overpriced for the materials and manufacturing costs, but this knife is greater than the sum of its parts. At least, I think so.

Just like the Kramer by Zwilling, I initially expected this knife to be all flash and no filler. I was wrong again.

In fact, I only really have two complaints against it whatsoever: 1. it's a little too big for some people's hands, and 2. the metal reverberates like sheet metal when it's tapped against something. That's not really a problem per se — I was actually super impressed with its balance of lightness and edge retention — but it feels a little too cheap for a knife at this price point.

But other than those couple of nits that I couldn't help but pick at, I've actually grown quite fond of this big, goofy knife. It's friendly in a way that a lot of kitchen tools aren't — just like its big, goofy namesake.

  • Minimalist design with nice fit and finish
  • Bench scraper + chef's knife = a great multipurpose kitchen tool
  • Santoku-style tip makes it a little easier to use for detail work than a traditional Chinese cleaver
  • Feels slightly overpriced for budget steel (even if it did outperform expectations).