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Koh 8" Gyuto

A great entry-level knife modeled after classic Japanese gyutos. If you're curious, you could do worse. Great edge durability for the price.

I was a little concerned about this knife at first because it makes a lot of claims about its steel blend that probably are untrue, and it seems to be aimed firmly at buyers who think having a sky-high Rockwell scale rating is the most important factor in a knife.

After a couple weeks in use, however, I think it's actually something pretty special. The design is super light in the hand, it feels great, and it holds an edge as well as a steel with its 61-Rockwell rating should (though that also means sharpening could be a little tricky if you're new to it).

The gyuto form-factor combined with stainless steel seems like a great entry path for people interested in exploring Japanese knives without all the hassle of learning to care for carbon steel.

  • Nice modernization of the classic gyuto design.
  • Lightweight and comfy to use.
  • Not great edge retention.