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8" Chef Knife

I hate using this knife. It's unbalanced, heavy, and the blade profile is super awkward. On top of that — in a market full of overconfident hyperbole about what a steel is capable of, they take the cake. Pass.

I've never held a chef's knife that actively made me want to use it less. Even the cheapo bullshit from Target feels better to use than this.

What it comes down to is ergonomics: the blade has the weirdest, tallest belly I've ever used and its handle is awkwardly thin and round. Listen, I love unique designs, but just as often as unique can be "uniquely great", it can be "uniquely awful".

This is the latter.

  • Nice wooden handle on this model.
  • Cheap steel.
  • Really awkward profile.
  • Marketing copy is lying about its hardness (Made In claims 58 HRC, <55 HRC in testing)