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Sur La Table
Kramer by Zwilling

8" Chef's Knife

Honestly, I expected this to be a very expensive gimmick. I was wrong; it kicks ass. An absolute unit that glides through anything in its path.

In my first comparison, 3 of these knives stood out. This was the biggest surprise of all of them.

See, Zwilling has something of a reputation for... let's say "budget-quality" knives. I suspected they just backed up a dump truck full of money to Bob Kramer's house so they could stick his name and his trademark Way-Too-Tall™ profile on their same old also-ran knives.

Boy howdy, was I wrong.

52100 steel makes all the right compromises for home cooks. It's easy to maintain, easy to care for (for a carbon steel at least), and with this geometry, it fucking flies through anything in its path.

The handle feels so lovely, I don't even mind that it's formica and resin with gaudy gold fittings on the end.

Just sensational all around.

Great work, Zwilling. Sorry for doubting you, Bob.

  • Feels excellent in use despite its weight.
  • Tall profile allows for both a thick spine and a thin, very sharp blade.
  • Very ergonomic in a pinch grip.
  • A bit gaudy, finish-wise.
  • Holy shit-level expensive.
  • Heavy.