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Bernal Cutlery

180mm Santoku

What an absolute gem: the combination of a short-bladed santoku with shirogami steel makes for an absolutely fantastic starter knife (or backup).

If you have the money, go buy one of these today. This thing is a hidden gem and more people should have them.

Feels like a fucking razor and holds an edge like nothing I've used before.

I love the shape. I love the size. I love the feel. It's not the prettiest knife, but it sure ain't bad. It's simple, useful, and probably a great first carbon steel knife if that's something you're interested in.

  • Super light + easy to control
  • Shirogami #2 is a perfect intro to carbon steel
  • Cheap for a classic, Japanese-style knife
  • Carbon steel requires a bit more attention than stainless
  • Can be hard to find