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cult score9.3

210mm Ginsan Gyuto

Friends have described this knife to me as both "like a scalpel" and "a fucking lightsaber" after using it. More brittle than I'd like, but still my favorite knife ever.

This knife, y'all. It's absolutely wild. From stem to stern, it feels and looks amazing. It holds an edge super well and I could swear it takes negative effort to slice through damn near anything.

It's biggest weakness is its biggest strength: its concave bevel. It feels sharper than anything, but it chips easily because it's so thin at the edge. So that means anything tough is really out of the question. You need a dedicated backup if you're ever going to be cutting partially frozen meat or — god forbid — a kabocha squash.

It's the motorcycle of knives: not the most practical, but it feels unlike anything else.

  • Hands down the most fun knife I've ever used.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Expensive.
  • Can be tricky to find.
  • Easier to chip due to high hardness.