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Bernal Cutlery
Dao Vua

210mm Gyuto

A "chaotic neutral" knife in every way. Hard to get one with good alignment. Probably will require sharpening once you get it home.

Dao Vua says these knives are hand-forged in Vietnam from the leafsprings of old German cars. That is one of the coolest stories of recycling I've heard AND they're super cheap!

But, they're also really uneven and often warped. I think this could be an interesting starting point for someone who's interested in trying out carbon steel, but only because it's cheap.

  • Cheap!
  • Kinda cool looking.
  • Uses recycled car leaf springs.
  • Dao Vua doesn't give information about their metal and there are rumors that they may contain lead (I suspect this is MSG-style fear mongering but can't be sure).