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Shokupan (aka Japanese Milk Bread)

Super tender and fluffy sandwich loaf. The magic of this bread is its enriched dough — kinda like brioche, but with more milky suppleness.

This recipe requires a stand mixer! Because of its high hydration, it's almost impossible to make without one.

The traditional square version requires 2 "Pullman" loaf pans with covers too, but it'll probably make good bread regardless.



2 loaves


About 4 hours total (40 minutes active)


672gbread flour352gwater113gbutter, room temp80gnonfat dry milk64gcane sugar24gyeast24gkosher salt2eggs


1Make tangzhong
160gwater32gbread flour

Combine over medium-low heat. Reduce to pudding-like consistency.

Remove from heat.

2Dry mix
640gbread flour80gmilk powder64gsugar24gyeast24gkosher salt

Add to bowl of stand mixer. Set mixer to medium speed (KitchenAid 4).

These ingredients need to be added in a specific order to prevent the hot tangzhong from cooking the eggs.

Add wet ingredients in order: tangzhong, water, eggs. Run mixer for 10 minutes.

4Add butter
Save the butter wrapper for greasing your loaf pans.

Separate butter into 8 pieces. Add pieces to mixer one at a time, waiting for them to disappear.

Run mixer 10 more minutes.

5Proof #1

Proof until doubled in volume (~2 hours).

Once doubled, preheat oven to 375°F/190°C.


Split dough into 6 even pieces.

Roll out to 4x8" rectangle, then curl the rectangle lengthwise into a spiral.

Place 3 spirals in each loaf pan, spaced evenly.

7Proof #2

Proof until pan is 95% full (~1 hour).


Bake until golden brown (12-15 minutes)