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Hollandaise Sauce: The Right Way

Hollandaise sauce has been massively over-complicated with people advocating for double boilers and hacks to make it easier (that ruin the texture). The traditional recipe is actually incredibly quick and takes almost no effort, so let's stick with that.





About 10 minutes


226g butter (2 sticks)2egg yolks1/2lemon, juicedsalt


1Prep butter
Don't allow the butter to foam or brown.

Melt butter over low heat.

2egg yolkswater

Add yolks and a splash of water to a saucepan and whisk until they're homogeneous and begin to foam.

Place over a burner on the lowest setting, whisking continuously.

Every 30 seconds or so, quickly pat the bottom of the pan. If it's too hot to leave your hand on it comfortably, remove it from heat and continue whisking.

When the bottom of the pan is cool enough to leave your hand on it comfortably, return it to the heat.

Repeat process until egg foam thickens to the point that it is thick enough to stream smoothly off of the whisk. Remove from heat.

1/2lemon, juicedsalt

Season with lemon juice and salt, tasting as you go.

It's ready when it has a nice, salty zing and a bright, lemon-y flavor.

Sauce should look light and foamy with obvious bubbles, not gelatinous like a mayonnaise.

Gently fold melted butter into the egg mixture a little at a time so the foam doesn't dissipate.

Once all the butter is worked in, serve immediately or store in an insulated container for up to an hour to prevent the sauce from breaking.